Future and Unpublished Pages


R Projects:
R Project - Unusual Dice
R Project - Monty Hall Problem Simulation
R Project: Craps
R Project: Testing for Anthrax
R Project: The Central Limit Theorem
R Project: Darts
R Project: The Elevation of Tardigrades
R Project: Statistical Confidence
R Project: Rise of the t-Distribution
Excel Projects:
Excel Project - Simulating Cancer Occurrences
Excel Project: The Parrondo Paradox
Excel Project: Distribution of Sample Means
Excel Project: The Chi Square Distribution
Excel Project - Testing Reaction Time
Excel Project: The Importance of Assumptions

Just for Fun

  1. The Taxicab Metric
  2. Error Correcting Codes & Hamming Distance
  3. Finite Fields

Just for Fun (external links)

  1. The Shamir Secret Sharing System