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1 Jerome Cardan
Tech Tips: Counting
Exercises - Counting
2 Events
Probability Set Functions
Conditional Probabilities and Independent Events
Exercises - Events
Exercises - Finding Probabilities
3 ...continue probability Exercises - Finding More Probabilities
4 Baye's Theorem Exercises - Baye's Theorem
5 Discrete Random Variables
Expected Value of a Discrete Random Variable
Expected Value and Center of Mass
Standard Deviation and Moment of Inertia
Variance & Standard Deviation of a Discrete Random Variable
Tech Tips: Random Variables Described by Tables
Exercises - Random Variables
6 Binomial Distribution
Expected Value of a Binomial Distribution (Long Way)
Expected Value/Variance of a Binomial Distribution (Short Way)
Tech Tips: Binomial Distributions
Exercises - Binomial Probabilities
7 Poisson Distribution
Poisson as Limit of a Binomial Distribution
Tech Tips: Poisson Distributions
Exercises - Poisson Distribution
8 Hypergeometric Distribution
Multinomial Distribution
Tech Tips: Hypergeometric Distributions
Exercises - Hypergeometric Distribution
Exercises - Multinomial Distribution
9 Review Exercises - Discrete Probability Distributions A
Exercises - Discrete Probability Distributions B
10 Variables and Scales of Measurement
Sampling Methods
Experimental Design
Famous Statistical Blunders in History
Publication Bias (What doctors don't know...)
Uses and Abuses of Statistics
This is How Easy It Is to Lie With Statistics
Simpson's Paradox
Exercises - Measurements, Sampling, Studies, and Experiments
11 Frequency Distributions and Histograms Tech Tips: Making Plots in R
Exercises - Frequency Distributions and Histograms
Exercises - Making Plots in R
12 Shape, Center, and Spread of a Distribution
Bessel's Correction
Tech Tips: Descriptive Statistics
Exercises - Measures of Center and Spread
Exercises - Descriptive Statistics
13 Chebyshev's Theorem Exercises - Chebyshev's Theorem
14 The Normal Distribution Normal Distribution Table
Tech Tips: Normal Distributions
Tech Tips: R and Testing Normality
Exercises - The Normal Distribution
Exercises (Unlimited) - Normal Probability Problems
15 Distributions of Sample Means and the Central Limit Theorem Exercises - The Centeral Limit Theorem
16 Approximating a Binomial Distribution with a Normal Curve Exercises - Normal Approximations to Binomial Distributions
17 Review Review Exercises B1
Review Exercises B2
18 Confidence Intervals for Proportions Tech Tips: Confidence Intervals for Proportions
Exercises - Confidence Intervals for Proportions
Exercises - More Confidence Intervals for Proportions
19 Milk, Tea, and Statistics: The Birth of Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis Testing Basics & One Sample Tests for a Proportion
Hypothesis Testing: Basic Principles
20 Summary of the 3 Approaches to Hypothesis Testing Tech Tips: One Sample Proportion Tests
Exercises - Hyp. Tests for Proportions (One Sample)
Exercises (Unlimited) - One Sample Proportion Tests
Exercises - More Hyp. Tests for Proportions (One Sample)
21 Hypothesis Tests for Proportions (Two Samples) Tech Tips: Two Sample Proportions Test
Exercises - Hyp. Tests for Proportions (Two Samples)
22 The Chi-Square Distribution Chi-square Table
23 Goodness of Fit Tests
Independence and Homogeneity of Proportions Tests
Tech Tips: Chi Square Distributions
Exercises - Chi-Squared Tests
24 t-Distributions
Tech Tips: Student's t-Distribution
25 Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests for Means Tech Tips: One-Sample Means Test
Exercises - Conf. Intervals & Hyp. Tests for Means
Exercises - Confidence Intervals for Means (One Sample)
Exercises - Hypothesis Tests for Means (One Sample)
26 Review Exercises - Conf. Intervals & Hyp. Testing (One Sample, Means and Proportions)
27 Hypothesis Tests for Comparing Means Tech Tips: F Distributions
Tech Tips: Comparing Means
Exercises - Comparing Means
Exercises - Comparing Means 2
28 ...continue comparing means Exercises - Comparing Means 3
Exercises - Comparing Variation
29 ANOVA and Scheffe Tests
Tech Tips: ANOVA and Scheffe Tests
Exercises - One way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
30 ...continue ANOVA
31 Parametric vs. Non-parametric Tests
Uniform Distribution of the First N Natural Numbers
32 Kruskal-Wallis, Wilcoxon Tests
Tech Tips: Kruskal-Wallis, Wilcoxon Tests
Exercises - Kruskal-Wallis, Wilcoxon Tests
Exercises - Kruskal-Wallis, Wilcoxon Tests 2
33 Correlation and Scatterplots
The Line of Best Fit
Tech Tips: Correlation
Tech Tips: Regression Lines
Exercises - Correlation
Exercises - Simple Linear Regression and One-way Analysis of Variance
34 Explained Variation and the Coefficient of Determination
35 Spearman's Rank Sum Correlation Test Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient Table
Exercises - Spearman's Rank Sum Correlation Test
36 Review

More with R & Excel

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1 Excel Ranges and Formulas
Some Simple Excel Functions
Exercises - Excel Ranges and Formulas
Install R and R Studio
2 Use R-Studio for the First Time
R Calculations, Variables, & Simple Data Sets
R Vectors
Exercises - Vectors
3 R Vectors and Logical Values
R Vectors and Characters
R Functions Related to Simulation
Exercises - More with Vectors
Exercises - Simulation in R
4 R Factors and Tables
Exercises - Factors and Tables
5 R Matrices
R Lists
Exercises - Matrices
Exercises - Lists
6 R Data Frames
R and Installing Packages
Importing Local Excel Files without R Studio
Exercises - Data Frames
7 Making Your Own Functions in R
Functions in Excel
Exercises - Making Functions in R
8 R Conditionals
Excel and Conditionals
Exercises - R and Conditionals
9 R Loops
Exercises - Loops
10 Putting it All Together Exercises - Putting It All Together
11 R and Objects
R and Excel Review A2